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Villa Sistemi Medicali company profile



Villa Sistemi Medicali is following the path of a production based on high-tech, constant research and scientific development.

Founded in 1958 by Mr. Alfio Villa and headquartered in Buccinasco (Italy), it started as a company committed to the development of diagnostic radiology systems. Following the merge of several companies managed by Gruppo Villa, such as Eurostrazza, Fiad, Fao and Joint, Villa Sistemi Medicali was established in 1990 as reference pole able to value specific experience acquired in different sectors.

In April 2000 Villa Sistemi Medicali was acquired by DEL Global Technologies, United States based and active in high-tech components production; it remained a member of DGT Holdings Corp. till year 2011, when in November it was announced that Villa Sistemi Medicali was again an independent company, as a consequence of the completion of a Management Buy-Out operation, made possible by the collection of the necessary equity from a group of internal Managers plus a group of Investors, long term partners of Villa with large experience in the business and in its technology core, with the support of a loan from a primary Italian Bank.

The main target of the operation was to consolidate Villa success story (a success achieved through a constant attention to Customer needs, efficiency, investments in innovation and development of New Products, side by side with our Customers and our Vendors) and to continue the activities along this path, even improving the flexibility by a shorter chain of command, the internalization of wider competence in the business field and a full commitment to the Company.

Nowadays Villa Sistemi Medicali continues to be driven by dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, advanced concepts, centralized services and diversified production as key features allowing the rise of the company to domestic and international markets. The establishment of a rigorous Quality System, the rising scientific commitment in research and application fields, as well as a deep marketing knowledge of customers’ needs, grant the consolidation of the company as important Italian manufacturer of radiological devices and as one of the European leaders, with an extensive distribution network worldwide. 



Villa Sistemi Medicali designs, manufactures and markets its products in Buccinasco facility (Italy). A comprehensive products portfolio for X-ray applications is organized in the following product families:

  • Analog and digital R/F systems
  • Analog and digital general radiographic rooms
  • Mobile Units
  • Surgical X-ray units
  • Mammography
  • Dental panoramic, intraoral and 3D

The grouping of these product families in dental and medical main lines is a key feature that has allowed Villa Sistemi Medicali to assert itself in the international market of diagnostic radiology devices and to be everyday on time with user's needs in medical radiology. This company mission is successfully reflected in the manufacturing of radiographic tables and dental panoramic systems.

Traditionally, Villa Sistemi Medicali has developed and maintained high level partnerships with other leading companies in the market, with whom has established an ongoing commitment in technical development projects, in a synergic exchange of know-how and products. Villa's ability to interpret and anticipate the trends and demands of a market in continuous evolution is the fruit of these relationships and of a strongly rooted presence in radiology.

The Company successfully invests over 4% of total annual revenues in Research & Development, to incorporate in its systems the state-of-the-art technologies to be used in diagnostic radiology. Customers' expectations and needs are the inspiring concepts for the design of radiological systems, while is a commitment forwards Patients the transmission of values such as experience, diagnostic quality and reliability, deeply rooted in all Villa's products.

Villa Sistemi Medicali has an extensive sales network with a consolidated presence in international markets, as witnessed by 2010 export share (over 86%). The precious cooperation with over 150 dealers makes Villa's presence and product distribution possible in over 90 countries worldwide.

Quality & Certifications

Villa Sistemi Medicali constantly makes its Quality System one of the key elements to be recognized as a leader in the manufacture and the sale of dental and medical radiological systems, with a solid and extensive distribution network worldwide.

Aware of the importance of product quality in an increasingly competitive market, Villa Sistemi Medicali has been acknowledged with the following certifications over the years:

  • 1998: consolidating its know-how in radiology field and foreseeing needs of a market in evolution, Villa Sistemi Medicali obtains its first certification of Quality System according to ISO 9000 standard;
  • 2001: Villa Sistemi Medicali is one of the first companies in Italy to obtain the certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard;
  • 2008: Quality System certified according to UNI EN ISO 13485:2004 standard;
  • 2010: Quality System certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

For most of its products, Villa Sistemi Medicali obtained the required certifications to be active in leading international markets; for example, FDA certification for United States market, ISO 13485:2003 plus Canadian deviation certification for marketing in Canada and GOST certification for marketing in Russian territory. Other worldwide recognized voluntary certifications (ETL, CSA, IMQ) assure a major reliability of our products.

In this way, the accurate control of factory process quality becomes a significant advantage that Villa Sistemi Medicali assures for its own commercial partners and customers in order to keep reliability, diagnostic quality and competitiveness of its dental and medical products, with the aim to become one of the main reference points in the international radiology field.

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