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Suction pumps & compressors

Suction pumps

Dürr Dental


Dürr VS 300 S (1 surgery)


Single surgery suction pump. 

Can be located in the treatment room, up to 4m from …


Dürr VSA 300 (1 surgery)


Single surgery suction pump with an integrated amalgam separator. 

Can be located in …


Dürr VS 600 (2 surgeries)


Two-surgery suction pump. 

Can be located in the treatment room, up to 8m from the …


Dürr VS 900 S (3-4 surgeries)


Three-four surgery suction pump. 

Can be located in the treatment room, up to …


Dürr VC45 (mobile, surgical pump)


Mobile surgical suction unit for use in oral and maxillofacial surgery and …


Dürr Variosuc (mobile pump)


Mobile suction unit.

  • Comfort manifold with GFK or GFGK configuration
  • Soundproofing …


Dürr Comfort Manifold


Convenient manifolds.

Selective controller for large and small suction hose. Removable suction …



Cattani Turbo Jet 1 (1 surgery)


Turbo-Jet is a range of motors designed for use with tip supports, which are unit …


Cattani Micro Smart (1-2 surgeries)


Designed for single surgery use, the compact Smart suction system combines unique, …


Cattani Turbo Smart (2-4 surgeries)


Turbo Smart is a powerful, variable speed suction system, with high airflow, …


Dental-Ez CV101 / CV102 (1-2 surgeries, wet pumps)


Is a water ring pump …

Suction tubings & accessories


Dürr Dental accessories

We run a range of Dürr Dental accessories and replacement parts. 
If the part you are looking for …


Cattani accessories

We run a range of Cattani accessories and replacement parts.
If the part you are looking for is not …

Amalgam separators

from £250

The Worlds most durable, cost effective and easiest fitting Amalgam Separator.

This fully certified ISO BS EN 11143 and CE marked standard Amalgam Separator is chemical resistant, you will not need to recycle this product for many years.



Cattani AC100 (1 surgery)

AC100 Compressor_1

Cattani AC100 (1 surgery)


This compressor can also be purchased with a sound reducing cover (AC100Q) …

Cattani AC200 (3 surgeries)

AC200 Compressor_1

Cattani AC200 (3 surgeries)


The AC200 compressor is designed for up to 5 surgeries, 3 running simultaneously.

Cattani AC300 (4 surgeries)

AC300 Compressor_1

Cattani AC300 (4 surgeries)


The AC300 compressor is designed for up to 8 surgeries, 4 running simultaneously.

Cattani AC400 (6 surgeries)

AC400 Compressor_1

CattaniAC400 (6 surgeries)


The AC400 comressor is designed for up to 10 surgeries, 6 running simultaneously.



Ekom DK50 Plus (1 surgery)


Oil-free compressor for one dental unit. 

Oil-less compressor EKOM of …


Ekom DK50 2V (2 surgeries)


Oil-free compressor for two dental units. 

Oil-less compressor EKOM of …


Ekom DK50 2V/50 (3-4 surgeries)


Oil-free compressor for three to four dental units. 

Oil-less compressor …

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